Скачать мод на медленной скорости на gta санандрес: gta 4 паркур мод

My gta:Sa was working perfectly but when i modded my game (using san andreas mod installer aka sami) it stopped working properly. I replaced a bloodring That should get it back up to normal speed. The downside is, that. Feb 19, 2017 CALIFORNIA MEGAMOD is a multi-mod for GTA San Andreas that but in slow computers it is better disabled because the game works more. May 22, 2016 As San Andreas has a working Camera, this script also allows you either up/ down; Shift - speed up the movement speed; Ctrl - slow down the.

Car's Super speed: A Cleo Scripts Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA:SA) Mod . Slow speed: 60 km/h -- It's slow but useful with trucks, bikes Jul 9, 2013 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mod Released 2012 It's always moving with a slow speed, and the back ramp is automatic, when KITT gets.

Мод на медленной скорости на gta санандрес
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