Скачать мод заменяющий c 255 в spin tires - подробное руководство по соединению 2 компьютеров в беспроводную сеть

KrAZ-255 V1. Categories: Spintires 2014 Mods › Vehicles (No Ratings Yet). Game version: SpinTires 03.03.16 It has: -Custom addons + default -3 Type wheels -Custom sound -type of the cab -Different color c. Read more & download. Dec 15, 2015 Description edit This 6x6 truck is perhaps the best, most flexible vehicle in the game. It's limited only by the fact that it can't mount both a crane. Author:Nicholas Dumka Really authentic looking 255. It has a great list of addons to add as well as some nice tires choices. Tagged 255, kraz, vintage.

Tires заменяющий 255 spin в мод c

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